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The Women of Fatorda is a brand that champions the traditional, authentic and unique cuisine of Goa through a wide range of curated masala blends created by women Self-Help Groups that represent the Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Tribal communities of Goa. These recipes go back hundreds of years and are handed down generations within their families and communities and carry the aromas of Goa’s rich and eclectic cuisines. The Women of Fatorda is both the product of our strong desire to showcase Goan home cooking and the unwavering determination of women to claim their social and financial independence. These unique masalas are made with the choicest ingredients sourced from local farms and are hygienically packed for a true Goan culinary experience. They contain no artificial additives or preservatives.

Off the beaten track. The soul of Goa. Traditional. Authentic. Rare.

Much of Goa’s identity and reputation stems from its premier position as a holiday destination in India, with its many palm-fringed beaches, laid back life style and, of course, good food. Despite the huge popularity of its cuisine, for most outsiders, Goa’s delicacies do not stretch beyond the mainstream Portuguese usual suspects and their Goan derivatives. This regrettably overshadows a vast repertoire of Goan Hindu, Christian and Muslim creations, along with that of the indigenous tribes, that are outstanding in their taste, character and style of cooking. Even the various specialities of its regions and localities that lend variety and richness are mostly overlooked and never attempted. The Women of Fatorda brand of masalas aims to showcase these unknown and hidden gems that reflect the essence of these communities through recipes that are handed down many generations. While you enjoy our unique masalas, discovering new tastes and textures, trying out new preparations with them, we hope to bring about a shift in perspective with which all of us view Goa and its eclectic cuisine.

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Fisherman Barbecue is a simple but flavourful marinade so versatile that though it compliments all kinds of sea and river fish, it works well with white meats as well. It has very little ingredients but combines to form an excellent masala for everyday fries or grills. ...

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Unique masala from the ancient Gavli tribe of Goa. Excellent with vegetables, tubers and rhizomes, in combination with coconut milk, this spice blend is an ancient recipe handed down for generations within the community. Try our simple and easy potato bhaji recipe at www.womenoffatorda.in/potato-bhaji ...

Be it small fish or big fish, our Green Recheado Masala is the perfect marinade for seafood. But this ancient Portuguese recipe lends itself also to meats and vegetables that grilled chicken wings and Potato Recheado are hugely worth the effort. ...

Juicy chicken legs marinated in our ancient Aamso Tiksso masala and pan fried. Ambotik curries are common but this wet masala is excellent as a marinade on chicken and other meats so that you can enjoy this authentic Goan recipe the way you want. ...

Rare, unique curry masala from one of the ancient tribes of Konkan: Kunbi. Excellent for shellfish like clams, mussels, crabs and prawns. Authentic, ancient spice blends handed down within families for generations. ...

The ultimate comfort food- the marvellous Caldin. Our masala blend for this Portuguese-Goan classic is an ancient recipe handed down generations within families and communities. Prawn Caldin is the traditional favourite but excellent with any kind of meat or vegetables. Check out the recipe at https://www.womenoffatorda.in/veg-caldin/ ...

Marinate, fry! Our simple delicious authentic masala for fish, prawns and all kinds of things! Try the Green Recheado masala: an ancient recipe handed down generations within families. ...

I make pastas clinically. Most of the times it’s a parental duty or catering to range of tastebuds while entertaining guests, rather than ‘ act of doing cooking’. We generally pick up fusilli, penne, or Farfelle from the wide range of options. An exotic veggie or two if planned in advance, or I am good with spinach or aubergine. Depending on the pasta and veggie at hand we end up with Marinara, bechamel or pesto sauce. This time we had some fettuccine bought two months ago as a result of watching a recipe that never happened. A packet of assorted spice mixes and pastes was lovingly sent by thewomenoffatorda. I asked for the recipes and they encouraged me to experiment. I am that person who might not appreciate cheese on my dosa but.. you guessed what happened. The fragrant spicy recheado paste was used to create this fusion pasta. Why should makhni have all the fun. There isn’t much recipe as the paste did most of the job. Just cooked some beans in olive oil. Added the paste, some malai from the same day’s milk, added the boiled pasta and some Amul cheese to finish. The masala paste is very strong and you wouldn’t need strong cheese. We were happy with Amul. Finger licking good. I generally stick to a recipe in such dishes, today was a pleasant change. All the masalas from thewomenoffatorda smell awesome. Going to try soon. ...

Simple, ancient, authentic curry masala blends from The Women of Fatorda handed down generations within families and communities and created by women self help groups from Goa. ...

Visit us at www.womenoffatorda.in/shop ...

Ancient authentic fish curry from Konkan Region. Our Ambotik curry masala is classic Goan masala blend handed down generations within communities and families. Check out the recipe at www.womenoffatorda.in/mori-ambotik ...


When in doubt, have Vindaloo! There’s nothing more quintessentially Goan than good old Vindaloo curries. Our Vindaloo de Goa spice blend is an authentic, ancient recipe handed down generations within families. Check out our Chicken Vindaloo recipe at www.womenoffatorda.in/chicken-vindaloo/ ...

Our Green Recheado spice blend is an unique, authentic and ancient recipe handed down within families for generations used as a marinade or as stuffing for all kinds fish of fish, shellfish and meats. Check out recipe at www.womenoffatorda.in/pan-fried-anchovies ...

Try the mouth watering egg Xacuti with our Pedne Shagoti masala, an ancient authentic spice blend from the taluka where Xacuti originated. Check out the recipe at https://www.womenoffatorda.in/egg-xacuti/ ...

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Soumitra Wadalkar

I simply love these masalas. They are wonderful.

Soumitra Wadalkar, Mumbai

Cassie Silveira

I really liked the spice powder it was good I have already used thrice and the curry was loved by my family.

Cassie Silveira, Sancoale Goa

Crisologo Furtado

We loved every thing we cooked and will order again and again…. Have also sent to family in Germany… This is a taste of home… Thank you and continue the good work.

Crisologo Furtado, Chinchinim, Goa

Sanjay Nirmal

“I love them! That’s why I’ve bought a lot again! Thanks to the biryani masala I have rediscovered the joy of making biryani at home as the traditional process was just too time consuming.”

Sanjay Nirmal, Bangalore

Roy Cardozo

“I live in the USA. I tried the Mutton, Aamso Tikkso, and Gavli Bhaji and they are excellent and way better than the other packaged Goan masalas that we get over here. My only regret is that you are not able to export this high quality product.”

Roy Cardozo, USA

Nanda Majumdar, Mumbai

“The masala is so convenient and easy to use because it is a complete blend that needs very little additional work on the dish. Well packaged, with recipe guidance, the product stays fresh without losing an iota of taste for a very long time in the refrigerator.”

Nanda Majumdar, Mumbai

Sanjay Rao, Bengluru

“The amazing thing is that the masalas are all you need. Very little ingredients are necessary to prepare these dishes. The heavy lifting is done by the masalas and they are so easy to cook.”

Sanjay Rao, Bengaluru

Dr Sraboni Bhaduri, New Delhi

“These masalas are absolutely lovely. The taste and the flavors are rich and nuanced. On my recent trip to Goa I had a chance to compare the taste with the local eateries and I have to say these masalas are richer in flavour.”

Dr Sraboni Bhaduri, New Delhi


“I like the masalas, the packs, and above all the concept of great Goan masalas created by women who are trying to find their footing in society. There’s nothing not to like! Just go for it is my comment!”



“Cuisines of the Kunbi and Gavli community were a revelation to us after being in Goa so many times! Excellent discoveries. Our family is hooked to them. Thanks a ton!”



“Looks international, tastes like home. That’s how I will describe the masalas. If you can’t travel to Goa, try the masalas, it will take you there! Good show!”



“Love the idea behind the Women of Fatorda masalas, and love the masalas too.  I tried some unconventional recipes with them and they were yummy. Recommend to all those who love good food!”



“Another important thing that I liked about the brand is that it empowers the Goan women of different communities who have created these masalas using their ancestral recipes.”



“Masalas that turned me from an average cook to a master chef in under 15 minutes. Super simple recipes with ‘finger licking’ good outcomes.”


Nirmala Dias, Navi Mumbai

“Superb taste! Just like home cooking. Hope you up come up with more Goan varieties. Very nice packaging too.”

Nirmala Dias, Navi Mumbai

Dr Ashita Phadnis, Thane

“Just wanted to say your spices are superb, totally out of this world. We’re enjoying each and every preparation. Thank you so much, hope you keep enticing our taste buds forever.”

Dr Ashita Phadnis, Thane

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