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Discover the unique and traditional flavours and aromas of home cooking through these three masalas that will serve as a perfect introduction to the wide repertoire of Goa’s eclectic cuisine.

Aamso Tiksso

This masala, strongly identified with Goan cuisine and commonly known as Ambotik-a combination of words in Konkani that means tangy and spicy-is exactly what it is-tangy and spicy, delicately balanced.

Gavli Bhaji

An ancient masala recipe from the Gavli community, one of the earliest settlers in the region. Being a closed community, their masalas were largely unknown and untried but now form the cornerstone of vegetarian Goan cuisine.

Soongta Hooman

The masala behind the traditional prawn curry with the bright orange coloured gravy, subtle aroma and medium heat that’s a staple in every Goan household, and served in restaurants as `Goan Prawn Curry’.


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