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Experience the essence of Goan cuisine with these three authentic, unique masalas that reflect the versatility and variety of Goan home cooking, curated specially for you with the choicest of ingredients.

Chandrawado Mutton

This unique flavourful masala is the result of years of the harmonious and delicate intermingling of traditional Muslim and Goan cuisines and is characteristic of the Muslim community of the Chandrawada locality in Fatorda.

Fisherman’s Barbeque

This masala mirrors the simple and humble lives of the fisherfolk along the Konkan Coast, and uses very few spices. It has come to define the best in barbeque masalas and compliments both large and small fish.

Kunbi Xasti 
When it comes to cooking tisryo (clams) or kurlya (crabs), perhaps nothing could beat this masala, a traditional classic from the Kunbi tribe, who are believed to be the original inhabitants of Konkan.