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Bring home the authentic flavours and aromas of classic Goan food with these three masalas that are curated to give you a slice of the richness, depth and versatility of Goa’s eclectic cuisine.

Goemchi Biryani
The elements of traditional Hindu cuisine intermingle harmoniously with that of Muslim biryani recipes, creating this masala, a distinct variety that can be called Goemchi biryani or Goa’s own biryani.

Pedne Shagoti
Commonly known as Xacuti, this sophisticated curry masala originated in Pedne taluka of Goa, a region that borders Maharashtra in the north, and is versatile enough to compli-ment a whole range of meats, fish or vegetables.

Green Recheado 
Recheado in Portugese means stuffed, and this green variant is distinct from its more common red version in both texture and taste, and is the go-to favourite for stuffing fish and marinating seafood.